When we were living in the hotel in Courtenay 3 years ago, we used to have supper at a local diner called Plates.   Not a fancy spot but favoured by the seniors because the food was good and cheap.  The name comes from the collection of license plates that cover all the walls.  We always made a point to eat there thursday night as it was Roast Beef buffet night.  Mash potatoes, Yorky pudding,  gravy and vegetables with salad bar and dessert tray.  If you brought a coupon, two could dine for $15.

Had not been back since we moved into the house in June 2008.  We were at an appetizer party last saturday and a newcomer was asking for a list of the best restaurants.  I jokingly (after several glasses of wine) listed Plates and particularly commended the Thursday night. 

Anyway yesterday one of the couples suggested we join them for a night out and took us to…… Plates for the roast beef dinner.  I think they were a little surprised that it was such a casual place but we had a good meal and everyone left happy.  I am not sure if they are going to follow-up on the rest of my list.