I reached a milestone on the model Juno.  I finished the standing rigging which holds up the masts.  You will note in the picture that the lines are black.  Standing rigging is not changed or run through pulleys so is tarred to make water proof.  The next stage is to put on the spars which will require running rigging (tan) because they run through pulleys.

I will not be putting sails on this one since that would add another year and I have already spent 4 years on this one.  For the running rigging I need belaying pins to tie off the lines at the rails.  I did not have the right scale so have to make them.

Years ago Blaine gave me a micro lathe which is perfect for making the pins.  They are made from boxwood which is the only wood that would handle this small scale.  The little handful is the end result of about 8 hours of work.  I know some of you are saying “this boy needs a life” but I do love it.  I think you have to open the gallery. 

I hope to finish it by this summer so I can start on the next project which will be a Chinese Junk commissioned by Meagan.