Pat and I hosted a newcomers dinner party last night (Saturday) .  The local newcomers club has 150 women and the dinner party is a popular event but no one wants to host.  So Pat agreed to host again because many couples signed up to be guests but no one to host.  

  We decided to do a winter meal with our Devilled Short Ribs which is a slow cooked meal that we love to do but you really need a crowd because the recipe does not work for 2 people.  This time we used 9 lbs of short ribs so a large portion.  Fortunately we have a big pot. 

It was a great party.  The other 3 couples are in our age group and none of them had heard my stories before, so wonderful company.  Played some Sonos song games later in the evening (honestly I should get a commission as everyone wanted to find aout about the system).  We sat for dinner by 7:30 and were still sitting at the table enjoying ourselves at 11:30.  Many courses in the meal and Chocolate Port to go with the coffee helped.  By the time we cleaned up it was almost 1:00 am (truthfully Pat did most of it) 

Now we will see if anyone else steps up to the plate to take on hosting themselves. 

The short rib recipe was a winner with everyone loving it including one wife that said she normally does not eat beef but this was so good she had seconds.  The recipe is attached

 Devilled Short Ribs