A few days ago I heard from an old friend from high school.  Larry Adams was one of the close group of friends in grade 11 and 12.  He went off to Utah on a track scholarship, became a mormon and moved to Mesa Arizona as a dentist.  Kind of lost track but we reconnected. 

As a good mormon he had lots of kids and now has 23 grandchildren.  I was thinking of that today as Pat and I were at the drugstore.  I was walking down the birthday card aisle looking at the variety and thinking how would I handle 23 grandchildren. 

Granted Pat would have it all organized with dates and notices but what would I do to have an original comment for each of them.  I can manage the 5 we have now but 23!!!  I think we would have to buy the cards at Costco in bulk.  Then I would have a spreadsheet (maybe excel) where I would have a fill in the blank note.  Dear ____ we want to wish you a happy ____ birthday. 

Then can you imagine the expense?  No wonder Larry plans to keep being a dentist until he is 70. Needs the income just to handle the birthday gifts, christmas gifts and wedding gifts. 

Anyway that is my thought of the day.  I thank the world for Chandler, Bryndon, Bronte, Ariana and, oh… what was the last one? oh yeh Mason and would welcome a few more but I do not think I would remember 23 names.