Well this one is going to be a long one so feel free to skip it.

A few weeks ago, I was watching the movie Buddy Holly where the older generation were deploring the Jungle Music that the kids in the fifties were starting to enjoy.  Of course we all laugh at those old stereotypes and the view these days that my parents lived in an era where James Last music was the norm and Polkas were the wild and crazy things they did if they went out.  Granted this ignores the evidence of the some of the great swing music,  but you get my drift that we perceive that they were shocked by what we were enjoying.

I have no recollection of my parents saying anything negative about the music I loved as a teenager, the Beatles, Beach Boys etc, but in the later sixties the lyrics began to bother them.  I remember a Sunday night as we sat as a family with Uncle Ken and Aunt Grace watching the Doors perform “Light My Fire”  and the older people were not amused. 

As Pat and I grew older and had our own family, the music brought into our life did not really cause us a problem until James started to introduce some of the Heavy Metal.  I really stopped listening to the lyrics, lets just say a long way from Perry Como.

Now we are listening to the music of our Grandchildren.  To be truthful, I like most of it, but am still getting to reminisce about some our music when we were their age.  I watch videos on TV in the workshop while working on the Model.  An easy thing to do as you can mostly listen and only look up to see the action occasionally. 

They had a special on new romantic songs.  Featured was the song by Bruno Mars

“Id catch a grenade for Ya,  Id Take a bullet through the head for Ya, but you won’t do the same” 

I mean compare this to “Last kiss”  from my era.  

Then there was Avril Lavigne “What the Hell”  where all she wants to do is fool around.  I have granddaughters that I hope do not listen to this.  Damn it should be banned  What is modern music doing to my grandchildren!!!!!! 

OK I am from a different generation.

Then I listen to a song by Pink that would have shocked my parents “Fxxking Perfect” and I think, well maybe modern music still has a message to tell, and I like it. 

If I live another twenty years I look forward to see what new kinds of music comes along and what our grandchildren’s parents will fear and deplore