Up early this morning.  I had the whole king sized bed to myself last night.  Could sleep anywhere, even kiddy corner but woke up this morning on my own side per normal.  How boring

Off to the fitness club where I decided to risk attention by wearing shorts instead of sweat pants.  Lots of ladies working out but I noticed that I was the youngest in the crowd.  I guess that is part of joining a club in Comox.  I swapped stories with the lady on the cross trainer next to me about grandchildren.  Aw well there are always the clubs in Courtenay. 

Busy morning with breakfast, newspapers, Sudoku and eventually lunch.  Looking out behind  it was a cool day (5 deg C) with a light rain but golfers going by.  Had my nap and woke up to a major shock.   Snowing heavily and everything was white. 

I checked my watch and then checked the calendar.  Had I experienced a Rip Van Winkle event?  But no this had all occured in less than an hour. 

This put the kibosh on my plans for the day so I decided to hunker down and work on the model.  Meatloaf and mashed potatoes tonight with glazed carrots and a salad. Typical bachelor fare but no night out. 

Aw well there is still a week of bacherhood to come.  I may get to use my snowblower in the morning, kaching!!!!