Up early this morning so that I could use the snow blower to clear the neighbour’s driveway before the sun melted everything. 

We had a surprise snowfall yesterday (supposed to be rain) which left about 4 cm of snow on the ground.  The problem with snow around here is the ground is so warm that there is an immediate layer of ice under the snow.

Our neighbour Kim was up before me and had done his driveway  grrrrr,  but I did get the other friends in the neighbourhood done.  Phone calls of appreciation and a gift of candies from Lynn next door was nice, but I believe the under thought was “the sun was going to melt it  anyway so why did he do this”  But then the sky clouded over and the temp dropped so we still have snow everywhere.  Wonder what happened to the flowers.

Forecast is for 10 cm of snow tonight and I will set my alarm early so I can beat Kim.

Back to the bachelor lifesyle.  I went to the supermarket today dressed for impression.  You remember the movie Wall Street where Michael Douglas wore suspenders?  Well apparently suspenders on blue jeans over a plaid shirt is not the sexy look it once had.  No flattering looks from the ladies.

Again no night of debauchery on the town.  I have no idea how bachelors can dine alone properly.  I had a 4 course meal tonight, seafood soup (granted left for me by my wife).  Grilled chicken on fusilli pasta with Alfredo sauce and grilled Asparagus on the side.  Followed by a fresh salad and stawberries  for dessert.  Far too complicated to do for one person.  I think tomorrow I will order pizza which I suspect is the main food group for bachelors.

I miss my wife.