Pat came home today.  I spent a busy morning washing bedsheets, dishes, floors and some clothes but apparently she was not overwhelmed as she pointed out many things that I did not do. 

Aw well, it is great to have her home.  I made supper tonight (and of course left her to do the dishes while I write this blog, I mean I have my public to keep happy)

Our printer died today.  Not a sad event as it was 14 years old (and to be truthful originally paid for by Petro-Canada)  We had been expecting this for some time as the warning was coming up that the Drum (not just the toner)  needed replacing.  The Drum cost $300 and an entire replacement printer is cheaper. 

Still a bit of nostalgia as I look over at it beside this computer.  It still has the pre programed Fax numbers for many of my contacts back in the days (over a dozen years ago) when we sent faxes of documents to each other (boy has time advanced) 

Actually considering if we get a fax feature on the replacement.  Still use it a couple of times a year but then I guess that is what guys thought of carrier pigeons at one time.