Well apparently Cindy does not read my blogs and did not show up to tempt me while Pat was away. I gave her the opportunity with my blog stories but she is obviously too busy to read about my interesting life.

Actually I think she is dead or in a coma.  I noticed on TV, after my mentioning her in the blog,  that she has a line of wrinkle cream removers (advertised on the cheap ad channels)  Lots of ladies and stars  talk about her wonderful cream (which I understand is the same as cutting a cantaloupe in half and rubbing on your face) but Cindy never shows up live!!!!!  They show pictures but are they real or taken from her mummified remains. That may explain why she did not make it here (the fact that we had snow this week might have been a problem)

Still I am glad that Cyndy did not drive up in her limo and take me away. 

I like having Pat home. 

Well, like is probably not the right word, try love….