Saturday night .  Pat and I prepared a feast for each other.
When I retired I was given a gift of a subscription to Bon Appetit magazine from a great lady that used to work with me and knew I loved cooking.  In this month’s issue I noticed one (of many) recipes that looked interesting so we decided to try it. 
I will not include the recipe on this site because, frankly, aside from James, I do not know of anyone that would go to the effort to make it.  Lots of steps.

Similar to a Moussaka but without the eggplant and with pasta.  Similar in that it had a Becamel sauce and used ground lamb but still quite different.  A major ingredient was Ras el Hanout spice which is a Moroccan spice blend (just as curry is a blend of spices) with at least 12 components.  All of the components we had in our inventory. 

Cooking required 4 pots at one time so a full team effort to put the dish together before combining in the pan that went into the oven to bake (sort of like a lasagna). 

Anyway the meal was a great success.  The flavour is quite different because of the use of the sweeter spices like cinnamon, cumin and mint.  Definitely not a diet dish as it had butter and feta cheese in the sauce.   We cooked enough so that we have 2 more meals. 

I will not share the recipe because we plan to save this for a special guest meal one day.  Goes into our inventory of great meals that guests will say “where did this come from, I love it”

 As usual I am writing this blog as my role in life as Pat cleans the kitchen and does the dishes.