Pat and I attended a dinner party at one of the friends we have made through Newcomers.  It was easily the best dinner we have been to since joining the club.

The Hostess has a background of organizing corporate events (before she retired) and she used this to make this a special evening.  there were a total of 6 couples and because this was not an official Newcomers event, they invited only the best of the best in the couples so everyone was interesting. 

At some of the events with Newcomers, there are always a few drones but last night you could mingle and enjoy everyone.

Their theme was an Italian night.  They converted the living room into an Italian trattoria.  Three tables of four covered with checker tablecloth and italian wine bottles.  Five course meal and the rules were that after every course the men had to rotate to another table so by the end of the evening we mixed all around. 

We brought the ceasar salad (making the dressing made totally from scratch including anchovies)  Lasagna was the main course with a variety of appetizers  to begin and Italian matrimony soup.  The hosts provided the main course and the guests brought the others.  As a group we must have drunk a dozen bottles of wine (fortunately my DD was able to drive us home) 

Wonderful evening, unfortunately they set a standard that is going to be hard to beat.