Now this may come as a late blog, but I wanted to write about this great party we attended on Oscar night.  New friends of ours have held Oscar night parties for years and this year we were invited.  You have to come dressed as a character from a nominated movie or formal and everyone brings an appetizer. 

I dug out my tuxedo  from 20 years ago, which kind of fit if I did not try to do up the buttons on the jacket.  Amazing how wool shrinks in a closet over the decades.  So I was attending as King George.  Pat dressed up with a fur wrap.  Guess what?  Given the fact that most of the people at the party are from our generation, there were 3 other guys wearing tuxedos and at least 5 women as Queen Mary. 

 One lady came as Mrs. Wallace and carried it off well.

The host had set up the living room in theatre style with a big projection screen at one end.  Lots

of food, lots of wine and a contest on who predicted the winners.  (I got 15 out of about 24 categories and yet did not win)

A great party concept because every 3  oscars there was a break to reload wine and get more food.  (picture of one of the food tables)

Arriving at the party