I was looking for a project to do after I finished the latest model ship (which actually is not finished but will be shortly)  I was scanning the internet and found a guy like me that likes to fool around in a workshop.  He makes intricate mazes and toys and other gadgets.  He is also a computer guy so has the ability to make computer drawings of the components in his gadgets.

I was intrigued by one gadget which was a wooden combination lock.  Basically a model that shows how a combination lock works.  So I downloaded the plans (for $7) and immediately started to modify it while keeping the bsic design.  I used pine and maple instead of plywood which he used and some improvements.

It only took 3 days and was fun but when I finished I realized (as he must have) that there were critical fits that needed to be precise and others that did not.  I was unhappy with the sloppy action so decided to remake it using whitewood (American Poplar) for the disks and Holly for some small components. 

Second version works like a charm.  I will keep it for people to play with.  Below are the 2 locks side by side (good one on the right) and a closeup of the disks. 

As I said it was a fun project but now have to think of the next one.  I am making some steps for Maureen and I have a big project for Meagan and Jorg but I think I will try a couple of more gadgets.  Retirement is great.