We all see the TV programs where upon arrest the criminal is told “you have the right to remain silent etc”  I expect everyone can quote the remaining lines. 

This last year the Supreme Court of Canada came down with a decision that this does not apply in Canada.  Basically if once warned you can have an attorney and reject and later implicate yourself, sucks to be you. 

So I was looking into the Miranda statement and it came from a case in Mesa Arizona where a murdering rapist confessed and the civil liberties lawyers went to bat (at huge expense) to get his conviction thrown out.  He was retried without his conviction and found guilty and went to jail.  The Lawyers involved all had a brief moment of fame.  Think of Johnnie Cochran and O J Simpson. 

So Miranda went to jail and came out doing his normal crimes.  He was murdered and the guy that killed him was released because his confession was not allowed under the Miranda rule.  Ironic