I played a round of golf yesterday with my buddy Harry.  First game of the year for me but Harry has cheated by playing down south and TAKING LESSONS.  I did not learn this until we were teeing off.  We discussed earlier in the week which day to play and picked Friday because the forecasters said Saturday would be bad.  Well they got it wrong.  Friday was great in the morning but in the back nine the temperature dropped and it was a cold last few holes.  Today (Saturday) is lovely with sun and blue skies. 

Anyway not a bad round for the first game of the year.  I shot 56 on the front nine but 46 on the back including 3 pars but a snowman at one hole (that means an 8).  Had a par on the 18th which was the best I have done on that one. 

Now I hear you all saying yaddah yadday yaddah, nothing more boring than listening to some guy talk about his golf round, and I agree, but the good news was I walked the round. 

Last month I had such an arthritis attack on my right ankle I thought I was going to be crippled. I spent weeks hobbling with the aid of a cane.  There was even plans (which I uncovered) by James and Blaine to have me put down as a humane act.  A month later and I am walking 18 holes, that is just great.  Granted my right foot hurt by the end of the round, but still wonderful news for me.