This morning I was experiencing an ear worm.  That is where you have a song lyric or tune in your mind that you just cannot place.  In my case it was ” do a little dance, make a little love”  No idea where it came from but I just could not finish the next line. 

So, of course, I had to look it up and it is Get Down Tonight by KC & the Sunshine Band.  A huge shock when I determined that I had NO KC & the Sunshine Band in my music inventory.  How do you get through life without ‘Get Down Tonight’ or ‘That’s the Way I like It’  etc.

I used some of the ITunes gift card to improve my inventory with some KC and some other classic Disco hits.  Now this was at 9:00 am so do not blame my nightly R&C for this inspired decision.  Great thing about a gift card is that you can spend it on interesting things and the wife cannot complain about wasting my money.