It is a Monday night and I decided to do something different for dinner.  Pat was out for the afternoon and I was charged with coming up with the idea for the day (she made a marvelous new meal yesterday)

We had some boneless, skinless chicken breasts which I would normally use for an Indian meal or oriental stir fry.  Over the years I made many Shakuti dinners which is basically cut up chicken, coconut milk and variations of Curry (that does trivialize what is a little more complicated but the concept) 

The kids always loved Shakuti and at one time it was voted a favourite meal by Monique (granted growing up in Northern Alberta I would think any of my Indian dishes would be special)

A few weeks ago we made a Morrocan meal with the sweeter spices (cinnamon and nutmeg) and it was fabulous.  It occured to me that this combination was not that different from Garam Masala which is an alternative to Curry (amongst thousands of other alternatives) in Indian cooking. 

I was thus inspired to do the Chicken Shakuti dish only using Garam Masala instead of the normal spice combination.  Chopped up chicken, chopped onion, tomatoes,  browned and cooked in coconut milk and broth with Garam Masala seasoning. 

Not a success.  It occurs that the times I have used this spice blend in the past was with lamb and the Morrocan dish was with lamb, and now realize why.  Not great with chicken needs a stronger flavoured meat.

Fortunately Pat made a spicy Tomato salad which saved the meal.  We are not talking of inedible, but not to be repeated.  Still it is a luxury to still experiment and and not be in a rut.  As I have mentioned, you often learn more from your mistakes than you do from your successes.