A couple of observations from this last week about our internet experiences.

Pat (through her connection to the Newcomer’s club) received one of those great emails from Africa.  A rich widow of a former cabinet minister in Ivory Coast (pick any country) is trying to get her $50 million out of the country and offers a reward to anyone that can help.  Beautifully written with just the right spelling mistakes and details to make it an adventure.  You would think with all the news reports that no one would fall for it, but now it is just exotic to receive the offer. 

Now would it not be ironic if it turns out that Pat was actually approached by a rich widow (lets face it Ivory Coast is having a problem these days) and we blew the opportunity?????

The other incident is from something I ordered through the internet.  Over the years I have purchased countless items and downloads.  Not always happy with the product but I get what I order.  Generally I pay through PayPal as I thought they would be the barrier that protected my credit card and so far it has proven correct. 

My next model project is a Japanese Junk for Meagan.  Actually there is no such thing as a Japanese Junk since they never developed off shore ship capability.  Every concept of a junk is Chinese so the few Japan off shore excursions were done on Chinese Junk designs. 

I have been searching for many months for some plans of the hull layout for junks and they are few and far between.  Eventually I found a model ship website that had plans for a Junk and ordered them.  Actually a great website with plans for many ships and all the attributes of a professional website.  Paid $22 US through PayPal in early February and waited.  5 weeks passed and as I went on the site they reported payment but no shipping.  I started contacting  their customer service through their site and never received a reply. 

Finally I reported to PayPal a conflict and they immediately pulled back the money from the seller and within 24 hours I get an email from the seller (who is located in Israel).  After 8 more emails he finally sent  me the plans via internet.  I expect without PayPal pushing him he would have ignored me. 

In the end the plans were for a Vietnamese Junk design and not what I needed.  OK there were no details in the original site so Mea Culpa.  But after 3 weeks of constant emails and disputes I received plans that are of little use.

However I am very happy with Pay Pal.  They truly protected my money.

Fortunately I have been able to find enough free plans through the internet that I will be able to piece together the layout (by hand) for the next project.