I went fishing yesterday with our friends Harry and Marie.  Harry bought a boat last year that he keeps moored in Port Alberni.  He is still learning of the good spots up and down the inlet and out into Barclay sound.  First time fishing for me in 20 years ( I do not count watching James fish on the houseboat)

A beautiful day with blue skies and very moderate wind.  As it was the boat tossed quite a bit although Marie kept commenting on how calm it was.  Apparently I do not get seasick as it never bothered me even when I went below deck. 

We dropped a series of pots (actually nets) and then trolled for hours down the fiord.  Harry was quite disappointed as he thought we did not catch much but by the end of the day we had a large Ling Cod, two dozen large Prawns and at least a dozen crabs.  Unfortunately most of the crabs were female and we had to toss them back but the prawns were gorgeous.  Think of super jumbo shrimp.  The size of the netting in the trap means you only keep the big ones as the smaller ones can swim out. 

Just a great day.  I begin to realize why some guys like fishing.  Granted if it had been raining and we had not caught anything would have been a different story.

Crab Pot