A number of years ago when Art was first going through cancer treatments he acquired a great little dog named Spencer.  A beautiful Silky Terrier that became a soul partner for Art at the time.  Over the years Art recovered and met Maureen but he remained deeply attached to this little dog.

I was very impressed with Spencer although he was never close or affectionate to me, but I saw how he loved Art.  Another attribute that I liked was that Spencer was not an aggressive yappy dog (unlike two grand dogs that I will not mention at this time)  (dont get me wrong I love my grand puppies)

It was obvious over the last few years that Spencer was becoming a senior citizen so Art asked me last year to make a set of steps so Spencer could get up on the couch to join him as Art was having more problem picking him up.    Easy project so that became Spencer Steps 1. 

This last winter Maureen contacted me because with Art gone Spencer now needed her contact.  Spencer sleeps with her on the bed but the bed is much higher than the couch so needed a new set of Spencer steps.  Finished them off and a friend carried them over to Vancouver.  Maureen says the steps are perfect size and Spencer immediately knew how to use them to get on the bed. 

These are the kind of projects I like as I can make them from the wood supplies I have on hand. 

Spencer Step 1


Spencer Step 2