I was not going to start the next model until the fall, but the weather continues to be cool, and I am getting a bit anxious, so I have started.

I am building a Japanese Junk for Meagan and Jorg.  This is an interesting project because I have no experience with this design and I have been trying for 8 months to find plans.  Every model I have made in the past I had a set of plans to follow.  Well that is not actually true as I did not have plans for Chandler’s model of the flying Dragon but for that I opied the hull layout from an earlier plan.

The search has not been successful and in my internet search I have found that other model shipwrights have also been unable to find detailed plans for Junks.  Those plans that are available are for small coastal versions or barge like vessels not up to my challenge.  I have found many photos and paintings so I have decided to make my own drawings based on photos.  Attached is my start with a basic hull profile.  This has gone through some iterations but I think will look great. 

Every serious model builder that has published books has in the end turned to making his (or her) own plans so I am following the great ones.  I just wish I had the computer program and printer to do this properly but it will be an interesting process to do the details myself and should use up my spare time for the next few months.  Also a chance to use the drafting skills I was taught 42 years ago in Engineering.