Pat and I this morning went off to buy the many hanging basket flowers we need for the pergola and the high pots and the front display.  Home depot were putting their hanging baskets and individual flowers on sale this weekend, which should be a high buying weekend so should be at full price.  Anyway we bought a huge amount of flowers and in the morning sunshine built up all our baskets and urns. 

This evening I realize why Home Depot were putting their stuff on sale.  While it will not freeze tonight ( the low expected is +4 deg C) but it feels colder than … well pick the analogy.  Our neighbour Kim was watching us and said ‘Awwww a bit early don’t you think given the forecast?’

I had not actually looked at the forecast for the next few days, because the sun was shining and Home Depot had a sale on.   

So after Pat’s birthday party tonight I humped the baskets into the garage.  Still the baskets are beautiful and if I have to bring them in and out for the next few days, they will be spectatular over the summer. 

When those of you reading this blog and are still working for a living and have the life problems that you face, you might think that our little concern over the plants is minor, and that is true, but it is a comfortable issue for us.  Easily managed and worth discussion but in the long run trivial. 

Everyone in our community agrees this has been a miserably cold and wet spring.  I notice that there is a recent report from the experts that  are saying Global Warming does not seem to be affecting North America.  This spring I have to agree with them.