I cannot believe that we have been married 42 years.   Who would have thunk???

In any event it is obvious that  the best decision that Pat ever made in her life was when she married me and a pretty good decision on my part (I suspect this part of the blog will be altered once Pat reads it so make sure you get the original version as it will be worth some money in the future). 

I offered to take Pat out for dinner tonight but she wanted to have a romantic evening home with me (no lets face it what woman would not want that).  The plan was we would go through all the dining magazines we have and pick out a special menu and then spend  the day shopping and preparing the meal. 

Then we hit a snag.  I noticed an article about Beef Wellington and for some reason we jumped on that although this is a meal for 10. No particular logic just a whim.  Having served a lobster pasta dinner last Friday for Pat’s birthday we thought this was in the realm of special meals.

We went to the butcher and realized that a beef tenderloin would be $40 so we decided to do the same thing with a pork tenderloin.  Then we looked for foie gras (apparently hard to find in Courtenay) so we used Pate. 

I then made the inspiration of making Bombay Potatoes  ( a spicy indian dish)  as the side

As we were putting the Pork Tenderloin together realized that we did not have puff pastry in the freezer we had to use Phylo pastry instead.  Works OK but takes lots more effort. 

The end result was gorgeous (see picture) but apparently Pork is not the choice I would pick for a Wellington with the pate.  And the Bombay potatoes were too spicy. And I would use puff pastry in the future.

In any event I opened a very good bottle of Shiraz and we listened to romantic music and the meal was a success.  Certainly a fancier meal than we had 42 years ago.