Pat and I hosted the newcomers Appetizer party this Saturday night.  This is actually the second one we have done in the last year which is not supposed to happen, but we enjoy them and while people are prepared to sign up to attend only a few sign up to host. (typical)

This was a great one.  We had a lower than normal turnout (15 people instead of the normal 24) but they were interesting people.  With the lower number we could actually spend more time talking to every one of them.

This was the first public showing of the JUNO model and that was an early highlight of the party.  Later we toured the workshop and the dollhouse and birdhouses were other subjects of praise.  I would have blushed, but I just eat this stuff up.  Given the hours spent on trivial parts and building, it is nice to have a moment of glory. 

There was one guy that is an artist and was admiring our diverse collection of prints.  He asked if we had anything original (actually as a joke after admiring my model of the Fubbs) and I said sure look at what an artist called Meagan has done.  The 3D Picasso was much admired as well as the paintings. 

At the end everyone declared how lucky Pat is to have me as a husband and Meagan as an Artist and our beautiful kids (I showed a picture from many years ago)  Granted they drank more wine than they brought, but that is OK

A great evening with new friends.