Not sure if that is the right term.  But the latest food fad in major cities is high end food served from trucks or trailers.  Just ask Janine.  In asia it is called Stall food or street food.

In the past the entire menu from roadside trucks would be hot dogs and hamburgers but now it is high end.

In the Comox Valley we have our own new high end street food vendor.  They are actually located on a lot next to the highway in Royston a couple of km south of Courtenay.  They have a trailer where they cook and serve, some outside tables and a little shack  so you can sit inside if it is raining and a big smoker oven.  They make Cajun BBQ.  Pork and beef ribs, pulled pork and chicken.  The layout is the same as I have seen about local BBQ shacks in Louisiana (except no liquor)

A friend mentioned last month that it was the best BBQ he had ever had so we decided to try it.  Pat and I were arriving back in Courtenay at 6pm from our 4 day trip and not interested in cooking from scratch.  So I suggested we stop in and pick up a rack of beef ribs, some cornbread and bring it home and heat up some yam fries.

One of the best smoked BBQ rib meals I have ever had.  Blows away anything you try to do on your little backyard BBQ with some wood chips.  We will be going back.