This last weekend Pat and I joined our local Miata friends on a run to Kelowna for a large gathering of Miata clubs.  The Topless Sun Run of Kelowna is organized by the Okanagan Miata Club every few years.  Cars from Washington, Oregon, Alberta, Idaho and around BC gather for a weekend.

The weather was cold and rainy this year but the featured group drive on Saturday turned out nice.  Lots of sunshine so virtually everyone had the top down.  The organizers had a run from downtown across the lake and then 3 hours of driving in mountain and country roads with no stop lights. 

102 cars joined the run and for the most part we stayed together even at 100km / hr.  Passing farms where people came out to watch the parade.  Then there were the few vehicles wanting to turn onto the road and realizing that there were 7 minutes of a line of cars going by.  Not sure they appreciated it as much as the people at the side of the road.

Eventually stopped at a pub south of Sycamous where we had an arranged buffet.  Then back to the hotel in Kelowna and an evening group dinner with about 200 people. 

A great weekend.  I have no idea why driving in a line of 102 cars of your same make can be fun, but it is.