We are resting in Lolo Montana tonight.  For my loyal blog readers I know you are saying ‘but you are supposed to be in Walla Walla Washington.

The great advantage of a non scheduled road trip is the ability to change your mind.  Beautiful morning and we decided to take a side scenic route on a minor highway but that left us North of where we were going so we headed on to Lewiston and because we had time decided to head on to Montana through the Lolo pass.  bit of a mistake since this took hours longer than planned so we did not get into the hotel until 7pm.  Still a beautiful drive today.

The girls may remember Lolo pass because we camped there many years ago.

My comment about spending this trip to help the US economy is proving true.  Through Washington and Idaho we were amazed at the camp sites and state parks that are closed and the poor condition of the rest stops.  For states depending on tourist dollars they are cutting their throats.  Still the scenery is great and we had virtually empty roads.

We hope to see Yellowstone park tomorrow (provided it has not been shut down)