We are in Lander Wyoming tonight. Weather today was marvelous with brilliant sunshine all day long and warm enough that I wore shorts for the day.  Did not get as far as we wanted but the drive through Yellowstone Park took much longer.  Part of our reason for not going to Walla Walla was the chance to visit Yellowstone again.   Quite disappointing.

In the mid 80s we spent a day in Yellowstone park with the kids.  Majestic big trees, lots of animals and of course the geysers.  Then in 1988 they had a great fire that swept through the park.  Now it looks like the worlds largest Christmas Tree farm with millions of fir trees about 6 – 8 feet tall.  The evidence of the fire is still evident in the barren slopes. 

The animals are still there.  I wish I could attach a picture from this computer but we had buffalo practically walking beside us in several locations.  As we drove out through the south gate we were surrounded by snow.  Apparently they had only opened the road 2 weeks ago.

South of the park we went through Togwotee pass which is 9700 feet.  There we are driving with the top open and in shorts and all over the slopes around us were snowmobiles.  Fortunately we dropped down shortly after to warm weather again. 

Driving has been great with the secondary highways practiacally empty.  The Murano is handling wonderful, the best highway vehicle I have ever driven (although the navigation system stinks).   On to Kansas tomorrow so a big day.