Oh No Nebraska,  Is there a flatter state, I ask Ya

We are in North Platte Nebraska.  Half the day we were driving across Wyoming which is a very desolate state.  I think all the surrounding states took the land that they wanted and what was ever left was called Wyoming.  Lots of sage and buttes but not much life.  Still an interesting drive.

Strangely as we passed into Nebraska the land turned lush and green but frankly more boring to drive through.  Wyoming may be desolate but it has more to look at and lots of strange sites.  At one point we stopped to get a picture by a sign at the side of the road that said “Hell’s Half Acre”  I looked around and hell’s half acre looked like all the millions of acres we had past.

We were all day driving from Lander to here basically following the old Oregon Wagon Trail.  Temp was up to 91 F.  Not bad on a paved road in air conditioned cumfort with cold water but I cannot imagine what it would have been like in a wagon in the old days.  Not for me.

A boring day tomorrow as we move across the flat plains on the way to Kansas