We are now ensconced in a hotel in Salina Kansas.  A long drive this morning through Nebraska and then down to Salina.  For the first time we primarily drove on one of the interstate highways as we wanted to get here early. 

Remember what I said about Nebraska being flat, well Kansas isn’t much rollier.  The scenery is not much so the best way to pass the time is while reading a good book but unfortunately Pat made me put the book down when it was my turn to drive.  Still managed to pass the time listening to Broadway tunes on the Sat Radio

Stopped at a  little town and went looking for a park.  Turned out to be a nice park beside a river.  It was 97 F in the shade so we kept the visit short but a nice surprise or us.  This is the second small town Lions park we have used for our lunchs,  too bad they are not listed in the travel guides. 

Lots of sun and blue skys but hot.   Eventually hit 101 degrees when we pulled into the hotel.  Supposed to cool down over the next few days but when we went out for dinner the temp had gone up to 103. 

The sat radio has been a boon as we have been able to catch Blue Jay games as we travelled.  We should be seeing them live in Kansas City tomorrow night.

Unfortunately the hockey game is not shown in Kansas so we may have to sit in the hot vehicle and listen on Sat radio