We are in Kansas City Missouri.  Best day of the trip so far.

Easy run this morning so we arrived at the hotel by noon.  Had lunch then walked down to the Kansas City Royal’s stadium to buy tickets and then checked in to the hotel.  We had picked this hotel from the internet and it was a perfect choice.  10 minute walk from the ball field and first class accomodations.  Big bonus was that they have a cocktail hour at 5 with free booze and food.  No need to go out for supper.

When we first planned this drive to visit Janine and Vedran we picked Kansas City to see a Blue Jay game so a lot of our timing was to be here for this day.

The ball stadium is magnificant.  Built only for base ball with natural grass and no compromises for tractor pulls, football or rock concerts.  It is different than the Sky Dome in Toronto as it is located in the suburbs where 2 freeways intersect.  The football stadium is beside it and they share 100 acres of parking.  Down side is there are no restaurants or bars nearby (aside from a Dennys a couple of blocks away) so everyone has to drive to the game.  But great for tailgate parties.  Different view of how to enjoy the concept of going to a game.

We had seats 15 rows up from third base with great sight lines.  Warm evening, the KC fans around us were welcoming and friendly and best of all the Blue Jays won.   It was hot (95 F) and windy all day but it cooled to 83 by game time so just perfect.

Tomorrow on to some place in Indiana, who knows where.