We are in Vincennes Indiana tonight.  Only 3 -4 hours from Janine’s place but this is where we paused on our trip.

Left KC this morning and took the interstate I 70 to St Louis.  Interstates are great for moving across country at high speed but are boring so once we passed St Louis we chose to travel on Highway 50 which will take us all the way to Cincinnati.

Frankly the interstate is the only way to go in Nebraska and Kansas and maybe Missouri but Illinois and Indiana countryside is much more interesting.  Highway 50 precedes the interstate system and for its day was a major route, but it has been replaced by I70.  Think of Route 66.  Still excellant condition.

Slower drive (55 mph vs 75) but passes through interesting towns and farms.  We stopped several times although at 98 F it is still too hot to get out of the Mo very often.

Vincennes is a small college town most famous as the birthplace of Red Skelton.  I treated Pat by checking into a new Holiday Inn as we came into town.  More expensive than the cheap motel I would have picked, but we needed guaranteed air conditioning.

Drove around town to find a restaurant for dinner.  A college town with lots of pizza places and fast food but not much else.  Finally selected a small Italian place that promised more than pizza with authentic Italian dishes.  Kind of a simple place but we settled in.  Ordered a bottle of Chiani to go with our Ravioli and stuffed Penne.  The 19 year old waitress asked us to show ID to prove we were over 18 (apparently an Indiana law that I expect is only followed by places with recent liquor license)  Still a thrill to be carded at our age.

The bottle showed up and it was beyond warm.  When I mentioned that it was warm the response was that it should be served at room temperature, problem is that the  kitchen room temperature was probably 95F.

We added some icecubes and it was great and then I noticed that while the price was only $14 for the bottle it was actually a very good Chianti with DOCG designation.

The food was excellant and when I asked the cook (who also ran the till) he said he actually makes the penne and ravioli and meatballs on the premise.  Surprisingly they were very good but as the average client orders pizza I expect he was happy to make a real meal.

Watching the Hockey game tonight and on to Janine and Vedran’s tomorrow.  I will continue the blog when we are back on the road again