So last Friday we had a special treat.  There it was the fifth game of the Stanley Cup and Janine had duitifully arranged for all of us to go to a fashion show instead. 

The University of Cincinatti apparently has one of the top fashion design schools in America and each year the graduating class has a fashion show preceded by a cocktail party.  This is actually a big deal with 1500 guests (well guest is not the right term since the tickets are $100 each)  and people come from New York to see it.  Top graduates get to go work with Macys or design houses. 

The show was actually very good.  Professional models, big sound system, flashing lights and all, not what you would expect as a college function.  Some of the designs were every bit as good as you see on the Milan runways.  Vedran and I actually had a good time as we kept a vote on the best designer, best outfit (and of course prettiest model)

In the end we had a great time and made it home in time to see the end of the hockey game where Vancouver squeeked out a victory.  Not a bad evening