Arrived in Oakville yesterday and last evening joined our old neighbours the Gales forBBQ dinner.  They had invited all the other old neighbours including the people that bought our house.  Great evening must have polished off a dozen bottles of wine (these are big wine enthusiats)  Sat outside on the deck until 11:30.  One of few things I miss about Ontario is the warm summer evenings. 

We were pleased to see that the QEW widening that had been under construction for the last 5 years we lived here was finally complete.  The QEW is now 10 lanes wide through Oakville and when we drove through last night the 5 westbound lanes were just as jammed and traffic was just as slow as when we lived here and there were only 3 lanes each way.  This I do not miss.

Tonight we join my old friends from work for a BBQ and tomorrow off to Markham to visit the Morras and the Talbots   Fun weekend