It is June 30 and we got home this afternoon.  We left on June 1.  Pat and I had a month of discussions and sharing but only finally agreed on two things…I drive too fast and she drives too slow

Great trip with lots of great scenery, lots of dinners with friends and relatives and generally very good weather, except the last day.

We left Edmonton early yesterday morning expecting to sleep in our beds tonight.  Nice warm morning but when we hit Jasper the rain started and we had heavy downpour all the way through the mountains.  Miserable drive but worse was to come.  When we were approaching Hope there was a sign that the No 1 highway ahead was blocked.  Apparently earlier in the day there was a mudslide that swamped both sides of the divided highway. The slide was east of Chilliwack where there is a choke point of traffic heading east or west.  (see pics)

There is only the Trans Canada or a small secondary road on the other side of the Fraser.  All traffic was diverted to the smaller highway which just crept along.  We were 4 hours travelling the 35 km from Hope to Chilliwack.  By the time we got through we had missed all the ferries home so had to check into a hotel (that was filling with others like us)

This morning all the traffic that missed the ferries on Thursday were trying to get across so we had a 1 ferry wait and then only made the next ferry by 2 vehicles or we would have been there all day.

Great to be home


Mudslide traffic