Phone call from Mother tonight.  I phoned her last night to say we were home but the call was short because she had someone come in to soak her feet and she did not want to send them away to finish the call. 

After the call she had a bad evening.  Mother likes to get her pills (including a sleeping pill) by 8pm but the staff were busy.  Apparently 2 people on her wing died last night. 

When I asked her if she was upset about them she was more upset that the staff did not bring her the pills until 11 pm.  I asked her why she was not more concerned about the death of two of her neighbours, and her response was “Dear it happens all the time around here” 

With mother’s mobility issues and the same issues with the neighbours, there is little friendly interactions.  Horrible analogy but it is like zombies living in the same space with the staff the only normal people who mother meets. In fact Mother was more concerned about one of her care givers that had to take a day off because of a cold than the death of the woman across the hall.

On the positive side mother is optimistic about her feet.  She had to go to a wheel chair because her feet were so bad that she could no longer walk.  As a result she has been moved from the general dining room to a full care area where she is wheeled and has help cutting her food.  From her point of view this area is truly zombies with no one to talk to (and she likes to talk).

Now that she is spending more time in a wheel chair the infections on her feet are clearing up and she is convinced that she will eventually be able to walk to the normal dining room for meals where at least there are people who can talk.  Optimistic view of the future….. I love her for this and why some of our phone calls are great.