The weather in the Comox valley all spring and early summer has been terrible.  A cool wet spring was followed by a cool June.  Pat and I were gone for the month of June but our neighbours and the fellow that mowed our lawn, all agreed that it was the worst (coolest) June in memory. Overcast and cool but stangely no rain. 

Apparently the lawn and the plants in our yard (with the luxury of weekly irrigation) love the combination of cooler weather.  The flowers and shrubs have grown beyond any expectation.  However unlike previous years, no one dines outside.

July 1 and 2 came and  went still cool, but today (July 3), Paradise returned.  Lovely sunny day with an evening of sunshine, no wind (and of course as it is Paradise, no bugs)  About 21C (70 F) so not beach weather but a lovely afternoon and evening. 

I Bbq’d pork ribs on a cedar plank (new concept for us as I had only done Salmon on cedar before)  Great meal, Perfect evening.  Sitting outside listening to music and watching the occassional golfer go by.

I guess I can forgive the lousy early summer (granted we were not here for June and talking to my neighbour Kim, he needs more days like this to forgive) But for us this is the Paradise we have come to appreciate.  (by the way for all my relatives and friends in Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, we can sit out all evening with no mosquitos.)  (Pat tells me that is just me showing off)