One of our new friends and neighbours is a model builder himself.  Harry (the semi retired Saskatchewan farmer) does not spend as much time on the models as I do but he has a nice little workshop.  When I was visiting one time I admired the building jig he has to hold the model frames during construction.  I had seen a version of this jig before in a model supply magasine but it was quite expensive.

It is a metal frame with clamps that hold the keel and allow the model to be positioned at many angles.  This is very handy for the assembly stages.   Apparently he had had seen the same jig and decided to make one for himself (he does welding back on the farm) 

Harry and I went golfing this week and when we returned he surprised me by giving me my own jig which he made up when he was last back at the farm.  Wonderful tool and something I could not make for mayself since I do not have welding capabilities (or abilities for that matter).  Great gift as it is something I could use but never expected to get.