Pat and I have joined the California Vegans to discover Quinoa. 

Granted this is a 1000 year old grain that has been a favourite of vegans for a long time but we just came across it recently so I can declare it as discovered.  I had read about it some time ago but put it in the category as Alfalfa sprouts and Tofu as something that weird people ate (now do not get me wrong, I do not think that people that do not eat BBQ ribs smothered in sauce are weird, just different) 

We were visiting our neighbours in Oakville and one neighbour brought over a salad with Quinoa grain in it, and I liked it, I liked it a lot. 

For those uninitiated, Quinoa is a grain, not unlike small barley, that can replace rice.  It is almost all protein with little starch.  Absolutely no credentials that would make me think I would like it, but the salad was great.

A couple of days later we were visiting our friends Pat and John up in Tobermory and she cooked a dish that I would normally think of as steamed rice and vegetables only using Quinoa and it was even better. 

So when we got home we bought a big bag of Quinoa at Costco and now use it wherever we would use rice.  Better flavour and apparently good for me (which I do not hold against it)

I guess I am not too old to change my opinion on healthy food.  If we continue I will have to grow a pony tail…oooo shudder to think.