Tonight I was making BBQ ribs for dinner.  Great rack of ribs bought at Costco, lots of meat. Great rack (now that is a guy compliment)   Did the whole nine yards.  Seasoned the ribs with my secret mix,  put on the bbq, non direct 290F  for 3 hours.  Checked out the ribs and they were doing fine.

Mixed up my secret BBQ sauce and then made my mistake.  Flipped the ribs onto direct heat for what I thought would be 2 minutes, but went back to the den to check my emails.  Blaine sent me an note about the Boston Bruins team party with pictures including a picture of the bar tab. 

I apparently got distracted…….  Granted at $156,000 it was a huge tab, but with 40 people, maybe not so bad.  Well anyway by the time I figured out that this was a typical evening for Paris Hilton and these guys deserved a special night,….. my ribs were burnt.

The flavour was great (due to my secret sauce) but the ribs were a bit crunchy.  Pat complimented me on the flavour, but not my priority.

Lesson for all.  Do not check emails when BBQing   I blame my brother for this and fortunately Pat agrees.

Attached is the bar tab for the Boston Bruins which is my only defense. (check the price for the last bottle of champagne)  And check the tip for the staff.  I would go back to work for this kind of tip, assuming the players quit the evening at 11 pm so I could get to bed. 

Click on to the picture to realize why you do not order drinks late in the evening.