Our 3 grand sons flew in tonight.  We will be hosting them for 10 days I think.

First part worked out OK, feeding them as they did not have supper before coming.   Nothing like little carnivores (well aside from Mason) to occupy a few minutes.  But then came the evening.  How do you keep animals entertained.  It is like having 3 over-energized dogs (and a cat) 

We started off letting them play their own music on the Sonos.  I did not know I had this weird stuff in my inventory, and I suspect the three boys are deaf as the music must be played at top volume, with them all running around like dervishes. 

I suggested that as it is getting near 10 pm their time they might be tired and want to go to bed, but that suggestion was met with hysterical laughter.  I suspect our children have unloaded something that we are about to discover on us.

I remember my children being polite and well behaved and going to bed early every night and calling me sir.  But then Pat tells me I am suffering from early dementia so that might be wishful memories.

Going to be an adventure.  I will let you all know if I survive.