After a late start (boy these kids sleep in a long time) we were off to discover the Forestry industry.  There is a 100 acre discovery park near Duncan that features lots of equipment and examples of the history of the forestry business on the Island.  Hundreds of old machines as well as educational displays on types of trees and techniques for chopping them down.

Not sure if the boys picked up much education but they had a great time climbing over all the machines and riding the train.

We then headed to a Saskatoon Berry farm nearby where you can pick our own.  I thought I might make a little money farming the boys out as local berry harvesters.  Apparently there is no inherent picking talent in them.  They seemed to have fun but spent much of the time eating the crop or throwing the berries at each other.  Mason was the best of the bunch (although not the speediest)  taking care to only pick the ripest berries.  In the end we ended up with 16 litres of berries so lots of pies to come. 

Picking Saskatoon berries at the farm is totally different than picking in the wild back in Saskatchewan.  The land is flat, the bushes are loaded and you do not have to compete with animals and mosquitos

We arrived home for a late dinner of chicken wings.  I mistakenly thought 8 lbs of wings would do us but you should see the way the boys suck these down even with my Frank’s super hot sauce.  Then as the darkness came down the eventual gathering outside to shoot another of Chandler’s inevitable movies  I think this is about alien zombies, but what would I know I was only the camera man.   I wonder if this is how Spielberg got started.