An even later start today as I went to the fitness club, had breakfast, read the paper, did yardwork and the boys were still not alive.  So I started their day with a little ‘Ride of the Valkeries’ followed by the usual ‘Good Morning’ (by Debbie Reynolds and Gene Kelly)  Cranked to the max on the stereo system.   

Of course that is followed by making me make pancakes and french toast. 

Due to the late start we did not get into a beach run but I did take Bryn and Chan up to Saratoga Speedway for an hour of Go Carting.  Apparently they had never been on go carts before but they took to it naturally.  They were in two races that took most of an hour and they both did very well.  

In any event I am a brief hero with them for taking them.  Not such a hero that either one volunteered to mow the lawn when we got back, but not bad.  I suspect I will have to take them again next week as that is all they could talk about.

In the evening we made BBQ pizza and then they got back to the movie filming.  In case you think this is another production like the Super 8 movie check the picture of the cast. 

Good day and I am again beat and heading to bed.