Is it only day 4?  Seems like a week

Fortunately the boys slept even later this morning which allowed me to get some gardening done.  Grandma Pat took care of the many exotic breakfast requirements that they required.  I wonder if they are catered with French Toast and Saskatoon pancakes and cereal every morning at home.

In preparation for their visit we augmented our backyard game tools with a full Badminton setup.  It turns out that Bryndon plays badminton at school and declared himself as a super player.  He was playing his cousins and beat them (no laying back)  Then he challenge me, his overweight, aged, grandfather for a one on one game.  Little did he know that I was very good at Badminton 50 years ago.

I was up 8  nothing and Bryndon was shocked.  Went inside to change into shorts and tee shirt because he thought that it was the clothes.  When he came back he learned the valuable lesson, make the fat old guy run instead of trading slams.  Pat and the other boys were cheering for me.  I eventually won 15 – 12 and if it had gone on another 10 minutes I would have died, BUT I BEAT A 15 YEAR OLD at badminton.  He immediately challenged me to anothe game, but I took the arrogant position that he must earn his right to play me again (and I need a couple of days of rest)

This afternoon we went of to Seal Bay to look for driftwood for a new bird house.  The weather is great for walks (about 21 deg) but not yet beach weather so for the hike through a park and down the beach it was great.  Found lots of material.

This is the weekend for the classic car rally in town (at least 300 vehicles) so (late saturday evening) we are heading off to see cars that the boys will think are ancient but, in fact, are works of art.

Big day tomorrow (Sunday) as it appears it will be warm enough to spend a day at the beach.  Should not be a shock but this has been the coolest spring and summer in recorded history for our area.