You may have seen that obnoxious ad on TV where the mother and father are dropping their kids off with the grandmother.  They tell the kids not to run around, not to get grandmother excited. Then the door opens and the grandmother is so over hyped by drugs she says she can chase the kids around on hide and go seek and does a twirl to chase them.  Apparently the ad is for legally available drugs for seniors, but you wonder after she tires out and the kids are still running around, and  her drug wore off was she still the same???

That is just a story and nothing to do with our situation with our grandsons dropped off.  Granted our grand kids are perfect (Chandler is standing next to me at this moment) 

Last night the boys decided to sleep under the stars.  So big fat air mattresses and warm sleeping bags and turning off the deer sprayer, kind of worked out.  Good part was that they were awake before 9 am and we could head downtown Courtenay to see the classic car gathering.  The downtown of Courtenay was closed off and 300 vehicles parked for public viewing.  Lots of 1956 chevys and cars from 1928 through until new Vipers.  Apparently there are a lot of old coots on the Island that can afford to spend a fortune on updating  their cars. 

It was a perfect day so after the car visit we went off to spend the afternoon at Miracle beach.  Very crowded as it was the first beach day of the year. 

Back home for BBQ ribs and the boys chasing each other in the gathering darkness along the golf course.  I think they are enjoying the holiday so far since they do not spend the evenings watching TV or playing their many hand held video games. 

Check the piture of Bryndon and Chandler coming in from rafting with the mountains in the background.  Not sure if the picture shows but it was a beautiful afternoon.  Confirms our decision to move out here.