I realize this is the time for the next update on the grandson’s visit.  Actually a kind of of quiet day for us.  Bryndon and Chandler did not arise from their beds until 11 am.  I took them to the club to hit a few golf balls.  Bryndon has turned out to have some good shots.  Chandler, less so but with great swings. 

In the afternoon we went off looking for wind up on Forbidden Plateau so we could fly kites. However the weather remains calm and sunny (not that we are complaining) so we stopped off on the Puntledge river on the way back so they could go wading in the rapids.  Everything worked out Ok until Mason fell into one of the holes in the riverbed and got drenched.  Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me as that would have been the perfect picture.

But this blog is not about the kids. 

Saw the news tonight about cancer coming back for Jack Layton.  In his interview where he temporarily gave up his position in the NDP and in parliament, he looked like hell.  Reminds me of the visit we had to Art last summer when he still had hope.  Face pulled back onto his skull like a starving person.

I never voted for Jack nor did I support his party, but I did admire the man and loved his role as the moral conscience of parliament.  A sad day for Canada.  I hope he does succeed in fighting the cancer, but looking at him I do not think that will happen.