Bryndon beat me at badminton tonight 15 – 13  Apparently a 15 year old that plays badminton at school is proud of beating his 63 year old grandfather.  Over the last few days we have been playing but Bryndon finally learned the the lesson for victory, MAKE THE OLD MAN RUN.  I hope he is proud. 

Took the older boys down to the workshop today to build a birdhouse.  We used material that we had gathered on one of our beach walks a few days ago.  The boys were less interested in the detail of the design and layout but loved to use the power tools. 

I started with a safety check, where the first aid kit was and where the tourniquet material could be found. 

The Chop Saw was a big hit but not as thrilling as the power nailer.  We managed to finish a birdhouse, but like the little red hen, the chicks disappeared when it came time to clean the shop. 

While I finished up and swept the shop, Chandler started to shoot his next movie.  Some sort of James Bond flick that needed Bryndon in my Tuxedo and scenes shot with him driving my Little Red.  I even had a brief role as James Bond’s boss which I did with a British accent until  Chandler mentioned that he assumed James Bond was an American CIA operative.  After a couple of deep breaths (frustration over the lack of appreciation of one of my favourite heros) I offered to reshoot the scenes with an American accent. 

Chandler said never mind, after which I finally realized he is not the next Stephen Spielberg, he is the next Ed Wood.

Tomorrow we take them caving and will see if we can lose them underground.