Pat asked me to take care of the kids today as she was having ladies from her club for the afternoon.  We had to leave early because she needed 2 hours to return the house to the condition we had before the evil boys arrived.  Apparently they like to touch walls and drop things on the floor.  I cannot imagine our kids doing that in the old days.

So I had the boys for hours.  A great thing about being a grandfather is you can spend money to entertain grandchildren.  I tried to drag out the early part of the day with a visit to the library, but that lasted about 5 minutes.  If it had been James at that age (early teenage) it could have stretched an hour.

So we went off to a fancy mini putt at Miracle Beach.  Let me give you a hint, never pick a fancy Mini Putt near a major holiday beach.  Everyone who has kids bored by the beach is picking an alternative so they over charge and it is crowded. 

I, of course, won the round.  Apparently the concept of letting the little kids win, is lost at the next generation level.  Surprisingly Mason with his weird backhand swings, achieved early success with bounces off the sides for pars.  Bryndon was frustrated trying carefully to line up putts but was making double pars and declared that putting was all luck.   Granted over the years I pretty much thought that same thing myself.

Then we headed over to the Go Carts which is at the local race track.  Bryndon and Chandler had a double race and I took Mason on my cart for one race (10 laps about 20 minutes) . 

At the track they also feature a Big Wheels Truck ride where they take riders (in small seats mounted in the back of what would be the bed of a pickup out into 24 acres over jumps and hills)  I did not want to do it but after the go carts the older boys begged to try, and then convinced Mason to sign on.  A great ride through the woods for 20 minutes jumping over bumps slogging through bush. 

A better ride than you would ever have a Disney, but Mason was screaming to stop throughout.  A bit of a mistake on my part to agree to the ride as I could have easily have sat in the stands with Mason and left the boys to go on the adventure.

Then we went off to wade in the Puntlege river.  There are parts of the river where it runs over rapids with flat rocks.  Water can  be anything from 2 inches deep to 6 feet.  Pat and I spent a lot of money to do something like this in Jamaica and it was not as nice as an experience as we can get free locally.  I had to drag the boys out as I needed to get home (by then 4:30) to hand them over to Pat. 

I have not had an afternoon nap since they arrived, but to be truthful, have not had as much fun.  Still I will look forward to handing them back to the parents where I expect they will say, why can’t you spend money to entertain us. 

Fortunately the grand daughters show up next and they will only ask for our personal time and not for exotic activities (I wish)