Yesterday was a real treat.  Pat and I took the boys to join the church youth group on a guided tour of the the Horne Lake Caves.  This is not one of those cave walks with paved walkways and lots of of flourescent lights, this is real cave experience where you have to crawl or crouch through most of it and climb slippery rocks to sqeeze into tight gaps.

We arrived a couple of hours early to join the youth group in a picnic.  After a few minutes of shyness the boys joined freely into the games and activities.  I was exhausted just watching them.  Then we moved on to the cave park where we were outfitted in helmets with lights.  We had been told to dress warmly in long pant and long sleeves with gloves.

We then hiked up a steep hill for half and hour and down into a narrow ravine to the entrance.  The guide showed us how to squeeze into a 2 foot by 2 foot hole then turn drop our feet onto a ladder rung and clamour down 20 feet in the pitch dark.  2 more hours of crawling and squeezing through the caves with only the light from our helmets.  Cold and humid with a few beautiful scenes of Stalactites but very tight quarters

The boys loved it.  Pat and I were a little more creaky on some of the squeezing through tight spots and crawling on a down sloping creek bed while avoiding crashing our heads on the rocks.  A wonderful day.