It is so much easier to have grand daughters visit than it is for grand sons.  Bronte and Ariana are spending a couple of weeks with us and so far it is going great.

When the boys were here it was a lot of work.  Make them breakfast, find activities and lead them in the activities.  If you stopped pushing or organizing they would go into rest mode parked in front of the TV or watching videos on U Tube.

The girls are self starters, making their own breakfasts, and while they gleefully join in any planned activities when I take a break they immediately go and find their own entertainment.  Crafts like weaving bracelets or making clay bears fill all the down time.  And for some reason they think I am a great grandfather who can fix anything.  Granted I am handy.  How many grandfathers will sew up broken bra strap for their granddaughter? 

Weather remains cool (high today will only be 20 deg) so not much beach time but this leaves hikes and exploring with some shopping thrown in.